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5 top tips for success in examination

success is when opportunity meets preparation.
we will be discussing how to succeed in your academics today. the below steps will guide you.
1. Give yourself sufficient time to read: 
Don’t leave it till the last hours. Some learner (student) seem to succeed on last-minute ‘cramming’, it’s extensively accepted than for a lot of us, this is not the most excellent way to succeed in an exam. Create a timetable for your reading. Write down the various exams you have and the days on which you have to sit for them. Then organize your study time than others, so find a balance that you feel comfortable with.

It is very essential that you create time to revise daily, immediately after school or in the evening depending on your schedule. What you learn in school will still be fresh in you and you will be able to revise them. Study has shown that what you learn at that time will stay with you and when you are doing final revision before exams, you will remember and will definitely n…

7 Tips to Get Pink Lips Naturally

A beautiful, healthy smile isn’t all about your teeth; it’s about your lips too.;.... Pink lips precisely There are different reasons and factors which contribute to why your lips may be dark or growing darks. These factors range from dry lips to excessive smoking to low blood circulation. To make your lips pink and stay pink, care and attention must be involved. Below are 10 tips on how you can get your lips to be pinker than they presently are naturally. 1. Keep Your Lips Moisturized to Make Them Glossier Did you know that located in your lips are some amount of sebum? With this fact known, moisturizing your leeps is very important. Moisturising your lips should be done with either coco butter, lip balm, petroleum gelly or a small amount of lip gloss. Always avoid licking your lips or moisturising them with saliva. 2. Use Pomegranate seeds and milk to make your lips pinker A mixture of pomegranate seeds and milk is also a good naturally made solution to your dark lips. To use it follo…

Download Music Wizkid - Fool For You mp3

Almost four years after the snippet found its way online, Here is the full and official version for the song ” Fool For You” by Wizkid. The song is rumored to be on Wizzy’s“Sounds From The Other Side” album to be released this month. Listen & Download “Wizkid – Fool For You” Below; Download Music Wizkid - Fool For You

Dabota Lawson Shows Off N3million Naira Bank Alert on instagram

Dabota showed it off today on her instagram page. Most of us are still speechless about why she did this tho.

Photos: Rukky Sandra Shows Off Little Bo.ob In Sexy Outfit

My Nephew Made Me Lose Weight After He Told Me I Might Die- Lepacious Bose

Lepacious Bose has explained why she lost the drastic weight she just said. According to her, the person she needs to thank is her little nephew. She narrates;
We noticed you have shed more weight again, what inspired the desire?
If you have gone through my Instagram page, you would have seen where I wrote a story of how my nephew said to me that I was breathing funny. I asked him how and he said, I was breathing like somebody that was going to die. When it said it, it was scary. He looked at me and said, Please Aunty Bose, don’t die. I took a check and decided to ask myself some questions, Is this all there is to life? I took an inventory of my life and asked myself if I was truly happy and the answer was no! I wrote a list of things that made me happy. I couldn’t find much to write. I tried to write a list of things that made me unhappy and I had many things to write.
The first 10 things were tied to being fat. So, I decided it was time to make a change. I decided to take the bull …